January 9, 2012

jasonrbradshaw replied to your photo: READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. One of the one-hour…

Love these so much. Curious to know how much time goes into underdrawing/planning if you knock stuff like this out in an hour - looks super solid!

Honestly, they almost never take just an hour. This one was probably close, except for all those dang books. 

I basically just start drawing once I have an idea. I pencil things fairly tightly, then ink them later on—almost never right away. A lot of time I approach inking in terms of clumping a lot of drawings together, so my hands have time to warm up and relax. So I’ll ink some drawings in my sketchbook, then I’ll ink drawings like these if I have any waiting to be inked, and by then I’m all loosey-goosey and feel confident enough to ink actual comic pages, which of course I want to look as good as possible. 

Whenever you see me post one of these with color, it means either a) it was really easy and made sense; b) it was a drawing I didn’t like and wanted to try to improve it somehow so the recipient didn’t feel cheated; or c) it was for a friend of mine, so I wanted to really do something special. Like a built-in “friend discount,” except I still get forty bucks. 

Sometimes a drawing turns out pretty bad—I just did one of The Flash dj-ing on two turntables for someone that was a really unpleasant experience. The request was way too specific, and I should have turned it down, but I decided to try it. I hated the resulting drawing so much that I ended up doing a second, smaller drawing for the guy out of guilt. 

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  1. jasonrbradshaw said: Hey, thanks for taking the time to respond! Trying to figure out ways to speed up my own process so I like the idea of inking a lot of drawings at once to maximize being in the inking mindset. It always takes me forever to get warm
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