January 25, 2013


EDIT: It turns out you can’t run a raffle in North Carolina. Who knew?? Probably most people, and I should have researched that beforehand, during the first blush of “oh I know a way to drum up some money for TCAF tickets!” So I’m going to treat this as a funding drive. At the end of the drive, which I’m going to move up to Monday, January 28, I’ll do a number of random giveaways, based on the total proceeds. I can’t call it a “raffle,” but I will work out a way to honor the original intent and amount of any donations already received, as well as any going forward. If you have any problems at all with this, just email me and I’ll cheerfully refund your donation in full. And thanks for your patience with my blurry language as I try to ferret out a path through this publicly.

Original post below:

So here’s a thing I’m going to do, one week from today, to cobble together some money to buy my flight to Toronto and this summer’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival. I’m going to raffle off a set of more-or-less everything I have for sale, including stuff that’s long gone (where I still have copies). $1 a throw, no catch, just Paypal me $1 or more here, and I’ll stick your name in a little Excel sheet. If you send $10, I’ll stick your name in 10 times. On Friday February 1 I’ll have someone pick a random number, and the winner will get all this stuff shipped to them totally free, anywhere in the world.

There’s a complete list of everything so far at my site, and if/when I add items or additional prizes, they’ll appear there too. Thanks in advance if you can spread that around a little bit—it’s around $375 worth of stuff (*gulp*), so the $1 a ticket thing works best if there are a lot of $1’s in there.

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    holy crap I already own a bunch of this stuff but damn if I don’t wanna kick a few bucks in…maybe maybe!
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    Reblogging one more time to say I’ve updated the original post with 7 additional groups of items, including a 14” x 17”...
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