February 4, 2013



Original now up for sale on Ebay. So, each day of January, I’ve been doing a drawing in the morning, before work and with coffee. I do this anyway most days, but this month I decided to practice watercolors and fiddle with “informal subdivision,” an exercise from Andrew Loomis’ book Creative Illustration. So I took an 11” x 14” piece of bristol, ruled out some division lines, then each day would hang a new little drawing somewhere in the web of lines. The drawings are all from photos, from sites including The Sartorialist, Humans of New York, the Library of Congress Flickr page, and others.

I’ve put the original up on Ebay for sale here. The auction will end Tuesday morning around 1pm or so. You can see all the pieces below in the slideshow, or look at them on Flickr.

REBLOGGING because I just remembered this ends tomorrow morning! Original watercolory art for sale! For you to buy!

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