April 29, 2013

BOXES. A new 14” x 8.5” [EDIT: printer problems have changed this to a 12” x 9”] giclee print, now up for presell, which will last until Friday, May 3; all prints sold during this time will be part of a numbered edition exclusive to this period—AND they’re part of the sale mentioned below, so while they’re listed at $30, functionally they’re $21 during the presell.

Prints sold after that time will be part of a small unnumbered quantity debuting at TCAF. If you’d like to purchase a numbered print to pick up in person at TCAF, place your order as normal and then email me at dustyATdharbinDOTcom and I’ll refund your shipping costs and bring that mother right to you, along with anything else included in the order.

SPEAKING of orders, I’ll be running a spring-cleaning sale all week in my store, ending at 9am on Monday, May 6. Enter SPRING under discount code to get 30% off any order of $20 or more. That sale includes the above print! And pretty much everything else except the original drawing items, which will return once the sale has ended (and I’m caught up on orders, fingers crossed) also this Monday.

ANYWAY, the print—remember the print—is a redrawn version of 3 pages from the middle of my story “Boxes”, which is of all the things I’ve done creatively, the one I’m most proud of, though it’s pretty personal and more than half bleak. If you haven’t read it before, all 38 pages are up on my site, and it’s the last half of Diary Comics #4, which is available here and will be 30% off as long as you spend at least $20 in my sale—remember the sale?

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