December 18, 2012

Crossposting this from my blog post here, because I just got a pair of socks in the mail because of it and I’m pretty excited. Socks in the mail is about the best thing you can get in the mail. Anyway:

..if you have ever thought, “boy I sure would like to get that Dustin Harbin something for Christmas, but what? BUT WHAT???” well let me applaud your giving nature. And direct you to these socks (that link goes to my Amazon wishlist), a single pair of which my mom got me for my birthday, and which I just this week have finally had reason to wear, as it’s been unseasonably warm… on Earth. Holy cow these are the warmest things I’ve ever put on my feet, without being sweaty, also while being very SOFT and COMFY and man these are good socks. I spend most of every winter miserable with cold clammy feet. These badboys are too expensive for me to buy up a bunch, but I bet one pair at a time wouldn’t hurt so bad.

I don’t necessarily want to broadcast my address all over the world, but if you go to my Amazon “printing supplies” wishlist, I put these at the top. Because the most important part of printing comics is having warm feet. I don’t care about color, whatever’s cheapest, but EXTRA LARGE is the correct size. What? Is that not classy? Begging online for free warm socks?? Listen, I never promised you a rose garden, I NEVER promised you one..

UPDATE: Guys who are replying about socks being great gifts: I KNOW RIGHT? I need to travel back in time and tell my younger self this, because he for sure could not bear getting socks or any clothes (*shakes present* “ugh clothes I think*)

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