January 18, 2013

MORNING DRAWINGS. This month I’ve been doing warm up drawings in the morning, all on a single sheet of 11” x 14” bristol, in order to get some practice using watercolor and drawing people and fiddling with composition. The pencil lines that crisscross the paper are “informal subdivision,” a thing I picked up from the classic Andrew Loomis book Creative Illustration. It’s been a lot of fun fooling with a grid, letting it inform what I choose to draw and where. Most of these are drawings of photos, and most of those come from either The Sartorialist or my new favorite photo site, Humans of New York.

I’ve been posting these each morning on my Instagram. You can see all the pieces so far in this Flickr set. I think at the end of the month I’m going to stick this original (which has 14 pieces left to fill in, one for each of the 31 days in January), on Ebay and auction it off. By the way, the app I’m using to photograph these is called KitCam, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. Very robust tools for fiddling with colors/levels/brightness/etc, much better than any other service I’ve used. I don’t care much for the filters, but then again I only use filters to balance the innate crappiness of iPhone pictures in the first place (I have an iPhone 4). 

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