November 2, 2012
An Open Letter to Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo


To zoo-m it may concern;

I love Chicago. I’ve been visiting the Windy City on business a lot this year, and I’ve come to adopt the place as America’s Second City of My Heart, after New York, New York, which is home. I eat Chicago’s pizza and hot dogs. I drink Goose Island and 312. I visit all the museums. At Wrigley Field, wearing a nifty Cubs hat that I gladly paid through the nose for, I jumped to my feet and cheered when the Cubbies beat the Cardinals in a dramatic bottom-of-the-ninth turnaround. And naturally, as my friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, twitter followers, and tumblr readers should know or easily be able to guess, I’ve been to the Lincoln Park Zoo…several times.

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I love Alejandro, editor extraordinaire, giraffe lover, and fellow tall gawky gangly fellow. I also love giraffes, like all freedom-loving peoples do. I don’t like zoos that much, but maybe I’m wrong, maybe.. maybe Alejandro.. has *wipes eye* taught us all something here…

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